[Grok-dev] Implementing Search

Achim Domma domma at procoders.net
Wed Jul 21 17:15:42 EDT 2010

Thanks for your answer, but I have killed my virtualenv while trying to get it to work, so I cannot provide a meaningful error message. As I'll probably need a special index anyway, I'll try to implement one by myself. Even if there might be something available already, it seems a good way to learn more about how Grok works.


Am 21.07.2010 um 08:36 schrieb Christian Klinger:

> Hi Achim,
> sorry i don't have a working example, but i have played a bit with it.
> Maybe you can provide a traceback of the error, and the code which 
> produce the error. I think it should be possible to help you from there.
> Christian
>> Hi,
>> I tried to follow the steps on http://grok.zope.org/documentation/how-to/implementing-search, but I got an error, telling me something about missing zapi. After updating hurry.query to 1.1.0 I got the documented component lookup error. As I'm just starting with this stuff, it's hard to guess if my code is wrong or if I'm using the wrong versions. Can somebody point me to a simple working example which is up to date?
>> cheers,
>> Achim
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