[Grok-dev] Is there a before publish event?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Jun 15 05:24:03 EDT 2010

Yes, but I didn't think of that simple and obvious solution! Problem solved!

Mvh Sebastian

15 jun 2010 kl. 11.08 skrev Jan-Wijbrand Kolman:

>> IBeforeTraverseEvent is called before traversing
>> each part of a request so it isn't very good for
>> forcing things like layers if it requires some
>> computing. Is there an event fired once prior
>> to the publishing process (ie first thing when
>> the request arrives)?
> Are you aware of the fact you can subscribe to an IBeforeTraverseEvent 
> for a specific type of objects, right?
> I mean, we do apply a skin onto the request using a subscriber like so:
>  @grok.subscribe(IMyTypeOfAppObject, IBeforeTraverseEvent)
>  def apply_applicationskin(app, event):
>    skin = skin_selection_computation()
>    applySkin(event.request, skin)
> This subscriber is now only called for the traverse step over the app 
> object in the path. Is that what you were aiming for?
> regards, jw
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