[Grok-dev] first installation of grok on Debian "grokprojectSample" Error "SyntaxError: invalid syntax" solution

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Wed Jun 23 04:29:22 EDT 2010

Hi Paul,


> I modified the 
> npo/virtualgrok/Sample/parts/etc/deploy.ini file
> line #host =

So you replaced the localhost IP number ( by the IP your
server is reachable by from the outside world? Or did you just comment
out the above mentioned line (adding the '#' char)?

The correct way would be to put the official IP of your server in

If you don't, I think the default behaviour of paster is to serve on, which should only be reachable from the server itself. In
that case you might try to replace with your server's real IP
in deploy.ini.

> and the grok site is accessible with IE browser.
> But with Firefox browser the following error is displayed.
> ssl_error_rx_record_too_long

This sounds like an SSL problem which should only occur when you request
some HTTPS URL. Did you use HTTP (not: HTTPS) when trying to reach Grok?
Or do you use some 'HTTPS-whenever-possible' plugin with Firefox?

If you didn't use HTTPS and because Grok and Zope won't initiate an SSL
connection by themselves, chances are that something, maybe Apache, is
already running on your server's 8080 port (and enables SSL). You can
check by doing something like::

  $ sudo netstat -tpan | grep 8080

on the server.

This should give you some hints, whether something (and what) is running
on port 8080, but it wouldn't explain, why you couldn't connect at your
first try. Or did you change the Apache config meanwhile?

Best regards,


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