[Grok-dev] first installation of grok onDebian "grokprojectSample" Error "SyntaxError: invalidsyntax" solution

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Wed Jun 23 08:31:00 EDT 2010

Hi Paul,


> My configuration is the following one. I am in an internal network. The
>  Debian machine with grok can be accessed only with text connection (I
>  use putty). The machine has no apache software. Now there is only grok
>  on it.
> pl6320:~/npo/virtualgrok/Sample/parts/etc# sudo netstat -tpan | grep 8080
> tcp        0      0 xxxx:8080*   LISTEN 12295/python

Ah, okay, that looks like it is really only Zope listenung on that port.
That's fine.

> The browser is on a different machine, a PC window with both IE and Firefox.
> In the deploy.ini file I replaced IP number ( by the official IP.
> I used the address
> http://xxxxx:8080
> At the first attempt with Firefox I had the error ssl_error_rx_record_too_long.

I really wonder, what makes your firefox think that this URL means an
HTTPS address. But the next thing you mention is even stranger.

> But with IE, I had to type the name and password of grok.
> So it can be accessed from the windows PC with IE.
> Then I can use both IE and Firefox to access grok server.

So, after accessing the same URL with IE you could also access it with
firefox? What a strange behaviour.

> May be, there is a Firefox option to set, so that the behaviour will be
>  the same as IE. In Firefox, in the ciphering tab, SSL3.0 and TLS1.0
>  are set. 

This really seems to be a browser related thing. The SSL-stuff shouldn't
be needed at all when accessing the site, therefore you might have to
find out why firefox expects an SSL page in the first place.

Is there some local proxy or caching server involved? If so and the
proxy settings are different for IE and firefox, synchronizing them
(i.e. setting the same proxy settings in firefox as in IE) might help.
Unfortunately I don't know the exact menuname on a french firefox/IE,
but you might have a look into the browser preferences for 'connecting
to the internet' or similar. Also some firefox plugin/add-on could be

The message you mentioned, however, might mean that the browser got some
HTTP content (the grok page) while it expected HTTPS handshake infos
from the webserver.

Maybe it is quickest to ask your local sysadmin?

Best regards,


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