[Grok-dev] anything blocking a Grok 1.1 release? and Grok 1.2 planning

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu May 6 08:42:35 EDT 2010

Hi there,

Is there anything blocking a Grok 1.1 proper release? Its Python 2.6 
support is really important to do away with some of these installation 
hassles we've been having; undoubtedly we're losing newcomers over this.

Should we update it to a more recent version of the ZTK before we 
release? I'm +1 about doing that if the tests continue running; if it 
causes any work however, let's skip it.

Perhaps upgrade documentation needs to be written? (documentation team?)

Once we get Grok 1.1 out of the door I'd like to get serious about our 
more disruptive Grok 1.2 release. Features include:

* fruits of the ZTK: much less dependencies

* new way to do template registration (almost a year old by now sitting
   on a branch..)

* new Martian with consequences for some grokcore.* packages (even
   older, we should just get it out of the door)

I think Grok 1.2 is going to be cool. It's also going to provide a good 
starting point for even more ambitious changes, such as a publisher rewrite.



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