[Grok-dev] anything blocking a Grok 1.1 release? and Grok 1.2 planning

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri May 7 07:22:07 EDT 2010

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> Martijn Faassen <faassen at startifact.com> wrote:

> > Is there anything blocking a Grok 1.1 proper release? Its Python 2.6 
> > support is really important to do away with some of these installation 
> > hassles we've been having; undoubtedly we're losing newcomers over this.
> Two other issues:
> * me, finishing the grokproject work (hopefully together with Jan-Jaap, 
> since we've been working on this together). There's two sub-issues to 
> this:
>   * moving the zpasswd tool from zope.app.server to zope.password. I 
> believe Uli started on this already (cool!)


Yep, I'm into it, currently stuck a bit with moving the tests without
introducing z.a.testing. Also some minor things (repository policy
compliance, using doctests instead of zope.testing.doctest, etc.) should
be updated  in zope.password.

Hope to have this finished this evening or tomorrow, okay?

Thanks for reminding me!

Best regards,


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