[Grok-dev] Grok Ecosystem

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Fri May 7 07:26:53 EDT 2010

The grok ecosystem is not going very well, i'm afraid.
Testing it with the latest version of the groktoolkit, we have lots of
failures :

21 failure(s).
- test-ecosystem-megrok.login
- test-ecosystem-z3c.hashedresource
- test-ecosystem-z3c.table
- test-ecosystem-megrok.z3cform.tabular
- test-ecosystem-hurry.file
- test-ecosystem-megrok.z3cform.base
- test-ecosystem-z3c.blobfile
- test-ecosystem-z3c.relationfieldui
- test-ecosystem-megrok.resourcelibrary
- test-ecosystem-megrok.traject
- test-ecosystem-megrok.chameleon
- test-ecosystem-megrok.z3cform.ui
- test-ecosystem-megrok.strictrequire
- test-ecosystem-z3c.relationfield
- test-ecosystem-megrok.genshi
- test-ecosystem-megrok.z3cform.layout
- test-ecosystem-z3c.schema2xml
- test-ecosystem-megrok.jinja
- test-ecosystem-hurry.custom
- test-ecosystem-z3c.coverage
- test-ecosystem-z3c.schema

This is not an acceptable situation.
I can fix the megrok.z3cfom packages, as I worked on it many times,
but, for the rest, we need to come up with a solution.
If you guys own or know how to fix and release some of these packages,
please do it.
We probably will need to drop some of the ones we can't fix.
This, as Jan Japp underlined, needs to be stated and clarified in the
"some useful packages" section of the Grok site.
If we decide to discontinue the support of some of the packages, we'll
have to coordinate the efforts with the doc team.

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