[Grok-dev] new grokui.admin issues

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Wed May 19 09:47:36 EDT 2010

On 5/19/10 14:33 , Uli Fouquet wrote:
> grokui.base 0.2.1 and grokui.admin 0.6.2 are out, BTW. They should not
> emit the faulty warnings anymore when grokked. What groktoolkit files do
> I have to edit to 'register' the new versions? Just replace the old
> version number in groktoolkit/trunk/grok.cfg?


And ideally you actually run all the gtk tests before committing the 
change. As we need a procedure of some sort and a document explaining 
it, you can add the new version numbers and let me run the tests if you 
want to.

(I have a reply on your question about this procedure in another thread 
in my "Drafts" folder. I intend to finish that mail and send it too :-)  )


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