[Grok-dev] grok 1.1.1 things

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Fri May 28 05:56:49 EDT 2010


I'm getting somewhat confused by the previous threads about what needs 
to be done for a 1.1.1 release. Let me try to summarize what I 
understand. Could you please help me with finding out what has been done 
already and what still needs to be done.

If one of the items should be discussed in detail, could you please do 
so in a seperate discussion thread? If not, a simple "DONE", or "NEEDS 
WORK BY ...", or something would be very very helpful.

What I know:

* update to zope.publisher 3.12.3 to have the long standing 
XMLRPC-hanging-requests-bug fixed. DONE.

* update to zope.password 3.6.1 to have the SSHA pw manager bug fixed. DONE.

* update to grokui.admin 0.6.2 and grokui.base 0.2.1 to have the 
template-directory warnings silenced for now. DONE.

* update to grokcore.view 1.13.3 that now uses logging for warnings 
about template registrations. The log level is chosen such that it is 
easier to ignore those warnings. NOT FINISHED YET (see separate thread 
about this).

* update to grokcore.startup 1.0, in anticipation of grokproject 2.0. DONE.

* Re-add the zope.app.testing dependency. How was this lost? And was the 
work to have it included again finished? NOT FINISHED (or is it?)

* More..?

OK, so, now that I wrote down the list it doesn't look that bad after 
all. We're almost there. Can I have your input please? My intention is 
to release 1.1.1 and grokproject this evening (I want to get this over 
with, and concentrate on 1.2 :) ).

regards, jw

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