[Grok-dev] grokui.base 0.2.1 breaks grok 1.1

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Fri May 28 06:40:17 EDT 2010

On 5/28/10 11:56 AM, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
 > * update to grokui.admin 0.6.2 and grokui.base 0.2.1 to have the
 > template-directory warnings silenced for now. DONE.

I thought this was fixed but it isn't. The complete dependency structure 
changed between grokui.base 0.2 and 0.2.1.

This should not happen for a mere bugfix release. What I think should've 
been done to fix the template warnings, was to create an 0.2 
__maintenance__ branch, fix the bug an release from there. Now grok 1.1 
is broken as 0.2.1 suddenly requires way newer versions of zope.app.wsgi 

What we should do is:

* Create a maintenance branch 0.2 based on the 0.2 tag.

* Fix the template warnings bug on that branch.

* Release 0.2.2 from that branch for grok 1.1.1.

Can someone pick up this ball?

regards, jw

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