[Grok-dev] grokcore-1.13.3 not in grok-1.1

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri May 28 07:59:03 EDT 2010

Hi there,

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:

> On 5/28/10 11:56 AM, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
>  > * update to grokui.admin 0.6.2 and grokui.base 0.2.1 to have the
>  > template-directory warnings silenced for now. DONE.
>  >
>  > * update to grokcore.view 1.13.3 that now uses logging for warnings
>  > about template registrations. The log level is chosen such that it is
>  > easier to ignore those warnings. NOT FINISHED YET (see separate thread
>  > about this).
> Somehow I got the idea grokcore.view-1.13.3 was _neccessary_ to silence 
> the template warnings. It is not. Updating grokui.base and .admin is enough.

I think it _is_ necessary. While the grokui.* packages might not emit
this warnings anymore, other packages that use shared template dirs will

> Updating to grokcore.view-1.13.3 actually is not desired for grok-1.1.1 
> as it will require updating to a much newer zope.app.wsgi that in turn 
> will require updating zope.app.appsetup and including wsgi-intercept. 
> That's for grok 1.2 if you ask me.

Hm, which makes me think that 1.13.3 was the wrong number and 1.14 would
have been the correct one. I don't understand completely, why the
z.a.wsgi tests were introduced into the 1.13 branch before trunk. But it
seems that exactly that happened.

> BTW: there're __a lot__ of changes in the grokcore.view-1.13 branch and 
> most cannot be considered "bugfixes". I do know that this is a result of 
> work on grokcore.view trunk that was not yet ready to be used by grok. 
> Anyway, let's be careful about what we do in grokcore.view-1.13.x.

That's the point. The grokcore.view z.a.wsgi changes (_before_ I applied
the logger-fixes) were in 1.13 first.

Best regards,


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