[Grok-dev] hurry.query fails when querying a value index

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri May 28 08:48:57 EDT 2010

hurry.query doesn't accept value indexes as part of queries. Have I defined my value index in the wrong way or is there something else wrong? ValueIndex from zc.catalog.catalogindex doesn't implement IFieldIndex, should one use something else?

This is the ValueIndex definition (there is none in Grok):

  from zc.catalog.catalogindex import ValueIndex
  class Value(index.IndexDefinition):
      index_class = ValueIndex   

This is the code that causes the error: 

        now = datetime.now(tz = pytz.utc)
        theQuery = query.Eq(('workflow_catalog', 'workflow_state'), PUBLISHED)
        theQuery = theQuery & query.Eq(('workflow_catalog', 'object_type'), 'yhguiden_web_editorial_promo')
        theQuery = theQuery & query.Le(('start_date_end_date_catalog', 'start_datetime'), now)
        theQuery = theQuery & query.Ge(('start_date_end_date_catalog', 'end_datetime'),   now)
        res = query.query.Query().searchResults(theQuery)


  File "/Users/ludvig/project/grok/YHGuiden/src/yhguiden/yhguiden_web_editorial_promo.py", line 143, in render
    res = query.query.Query().searchResults(theQuery)
  File "/Users/ludvig/.buildout/eggs/hurry.query-0.9.2-py2.5.egg/hurry/query/query.py", line 20, in searchResults
    results = query.apply()
  File "/Users/ludvig/.buildout/eggs/hurry.query-0.9.2-py2.5.egg/hurry/query/query.py", line 49, in apply
    r = term.apply()
  File "/Users/ludvig/.buildout/eggs/hurry.query-0.9.2-py2.5.egg/hurry/query/query.py", line 49, in apply
    r = term.apply()
  File "/Users/ludvig/.buildout/eggs/hurry.query-0.9.2-py2.5.egg/hurry/query/query.py", line 164, in apply
    return self.getIndex().apply((self.min_value, self.max_value))
  File "/Users/ludvig/.buildout/eggs/hurry.query-0.9.2-py2.5.egg/hurry/query/query.py", line 134, in getIndex
    assert IFieldIndex.providedBy(index)

Mvh Sebastian

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