[Grok-dev] how to read config from zope.conf

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Sun Nov 7 05:32:29 EST 2010

Hey Shrek,

i think the following steps are needed to read a custom configuration 
form zope.conf...

1) You have to create your config at the end of the etc/zope.conf.ini file:

# Extra configuration lines can be added to zope_conf's extra option. 
Put for
# instance productconf sections in here.

<product-config database>
    dbname oracle

2) run bin/buildout

3) To access theses configuration in your python module you can do the 

from zope.app.appsetup.product import getProductConfiguration
config = getProductConfiguration('database')
dbname = config.get('dbname', 'default')

HTH Christian

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