[Grok-dev] grokproject + hurry.resource wsgi resource injection

Jan-Jaap Driessen jdriessen at thehealthagency.com
Mon Nov 15 11:51:25 EST 2010

On 14 November 2010 19:31, Souheil CHELFOUH <trollfot at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2 questions :
> 1. for the point 1., the serving of the 'in-template' files, what was
> the initial idea ? Should we consider parsing the body of page for a
> certain pattern and replace it ?

In the most recent checkins on the hurry.zoperesource branch I created the
functionality for rendering hurry.resource.publisher aware URLs from inside
page templates by decorating newly created DirectoryResource instances
with a marker interface and registering a AbsoluteURL adapter for this

You can use `context/++resource++foo/my-girl.jpg` in your page
templates, and the
resources will be served by the resource publisher.

> 2. for the pount 6., shouldn't we simply make all files starting with
> "." private and non publishable ?

That looks like a sane default.

> 2010/11/14 Souheil CHELFOUH <trollfot at gmail.com>:
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Jan-Jaap Driessen

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