[Grok-dev] Authenticated user credentials

Mike Rhodes mike at netsight.co.uk
Wed Nov 17 09:32:41 EST 2010

On 15/11/2010 08:39, Lumir Jasiok wrote:
> On 11/12/10 9:14 AM, Shrek Zhou wrote:
>> You can get the principal for current request using request.principal in
>> your view.
>> Lumir Jasiok wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> how can I get authenticated user credentials inside of app.py? I am
>>> little bit confused with Grok authentication mechanism.
> Thanks. Inside of View it works, but how can I use it inside of Application?

As discussed here: 

You should pass the user into any methods in app.py from your View 
methods which call them, as you should probably be getting your user 
from the request.


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