[Grok-dev] dolmen.app.content and mispackaged PIL

Noe Nieto [http://percepcionunitaria.org]] tzicatl at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 02:58:15 EST 2010

Removed .installed.cfg and all the PIL eggs from buildout cache, ran
buildout and compiled PIL again.

Everything works fine now.


2010/11/24 Noe Nieto [http://percepcionunitaria.org]] <tzicatl at gmail.com>

> While testing Dolmen with grok 1.2. I'm getting into trouble with
> dolmen.app.content.thumbails. Buildout installs PIL 1.7, but it seems to be
> the one that does not have the PIL namespace, thus I'm getting this:
> ImportError: No module named PIL
> But PIL is installed and listed in parts/app/site.py. I tried to add this
> to buildout:
> How do you get around this mis-packaged PIL?
> ---
> Noe
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