[Grok-dev] bootstrap.py in grok and grokcore.*

Jan-Jaap Driessen jdriessen at thehealthagency.com
Wed Oct 6 08:14:17 EDT 2010

The consensus in ZTK packages seems to be to copy zc.buildout's
bootstrap.py to the package directory instead of using svn:externals
to point to zc.buildout.

I am in the process of converting grok (r117281) and grokcore.* to
inlining bootstrap.py. The main goal behind this is to have a
consistent buildout sequence in the buildbot [1].

>From now on, you need to run `python bootstrap.py` instead of `python
bootstrap/bootstrap.py` when working on grok and grokcore.*.

1) http://dev.thehealthagency.com/buildbot/

Jan-Jaap Driessen

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