[Grok-dev] groktoolkit-releases versus grok-releases

Vincent Fretin vincent.fretin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 02:39:21 EDT 2010

On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 1:25 AM, Maurits van Rees
<m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl> wrote:
> Op 05-10-10 20:12, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman schreef:
>> Hi,
>> During the release preps today I realized that what is exposed here...
>>     http://grok.zope.org/releaseinfo/1.1.1
>> ....really is a Grok Toolkit release and not so much a Grok release. I
>> can very well imagine, releasing a new Grok Toolkit (for example, to
>> support a new line of zc.buildout) without actually having to release
>> grok-the-package or even grokcore.*-the-packages.
>> Not sure if I'm making a point here :) but I guess what I mean is that
>> "making a Grok release" is not tied to grok-the-package persé, and the
>> grok-the-package version number might even differ from a "Grok release".
> I would say if there is reason to update the Grok Toolkit with some new
> versions (e.g. a security release of package x.y) but the grok package
> itself needs no update, then you can create
> releaseinfo/<grok-package-version>-N, so in this case 1.1.1-1

I find this notation very ugly. Why not increment the third digit?


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