[Grok-dev] groktoolkit-releases versus grok-releases

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Thu Oct 7 16:38:20 EDT 2010

Op 07-10-10 14:40, Sylvain Viollon schreef:
> On Thu, 07 Oct 2010 01:25:03 +0200
> Maurits van Rees<m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl>  wrote:
>    Hello,
>> I would say if there is reason to update the Grok Toolkit with some
>> new versions (e.g. a security release of package x.y) but the grok
>> package itself needs no update, then you can create
>> releaseinfo/<grok-package-version>-N, so in this case 1.1.1-1
>    I hate this notation 1.1.1-1. Half of the package tools out there
>    fails miserably because of the -1. is ok with me.
>    Usually, the forth digit is for errors in the packaging. Bugs
>    (are so security issue) are the third one. Feature the second one.
>    Major rewrite the first one. This seems to be pretty much a standard,
>    that at first glance you know if you have to update or not.

I somehow had wrongly remembered that for example plone.recipe.plone 
(the recipe used to install Plone 3.0 or 3.1, before the eggification in 
Plone 3.2) had a release 3.1.5-1, but that was just named 
(apparently 3.1.5 was a brown bag release).  I can imagine that several 
tools do not like dashes in the version number. is fine too.

Maurits van Rees
Programmer, Zest Software

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