[Grok-dev] Grok-1.2a released

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Thu Oct 7 20:43:35 EDT 2010

Cool! Good to see all of the clean-up work on the zope dependencies that's
gone into the ZTK finally landing in Grok.

What's the recommended process for dealing with objects that have moved?
Specifically, I'm assuming that I'm getting the following error:

line 77, in ensureUtility
    if (reg.provided.isOrExtends(interface) and reg.name == name)]
AttributeError: type object 'IClientIdManager' has no attribute

Because of the move of the persistent session objects from zope.app.session
to zope.session:

(Pdb) for reg in sm.registeredUtilities(): print reg
UtilityRegistration(<LocalSiteManager ++etc++site>, ISessionDataContainer,
'', broken object, None, u'')
UtilityRegistration(<LocalSiteManager ++etc++site>,
IPrincipalAnnotationUtility, '', PrincipalAnnotation, None, u'')
UtilityRegistration(<LocalSiteManager ++etc++site>, IErrorReportingUtility,
'', RootErrorReportingUtility, None, u'')
UtilityRegistration(<LocalSiteManager ++etc++site>, IClientIdManager, '',
broken object, None, u'')

Is there an established way of fixing these objects?
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