[Grok-dev] Re-organizing directives

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 08:38:18 EDT 2010

Hello Grokkers,

There are some changes that I first discussed in Neanderthal II, a
long time ago, that's I'd like to see in the next Grok release.
There are some directives that, in my opinion, should be moved.

The "order" directive is used to define a component order.
This should be moved in "grokcore.component".
It's a very generic directive that can be used in  many other occasions.
It is currently living in "grokcore.viewlet".

The "view" directive is used to restrict a view-related component to a
given view component.
This should be moved in "grokcore.view"'.
It's related to views and therefore, it should be available in the same package.
It is currently living in "grokcore.viewlet". In Dolmen, we use this
directive on other component and this dependency makes no sense.

And for something completly different
I developped several months ago a package called "megrok.template".
This is used to register template components, that can be used to
bring rendering pluggability to some components.
I think, it would be cool to make it a grokcore package (or "grokui"
if it's user interface centric ?)
The same goes for "megrok.layout", that we discussed many times here and there.

- Souheil

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