[Grok-dev] ZODB FileStorageError "description too long" error prevents deleting of app (suggested update to GrokUI.admin)

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Oct 20 09:00:13 EDT 2010

This is an issue I have had for a long time. Until today I thought it was a limitation of the number of db-writes ZODB could handle in a single transaction. Now I realised it was just the text description that was too long... Man, this has been a pita. This seems to be a really silly bug in ZODB, but I haven't been able to track down where the description is generated... 

The following update to GrokUI.admin solves the problem:

import transaction
admin.py, row 116 (class ManageApps())
        tr = transaction.manager.get()
        tr.description = msg
        self.redirect(self.url(self.context, 'applications'))

This replaces a really long "DEL /path/to/obj1;\n\n DEL /path/to/obj2..." description with a the same message as you get in the UI... "Application 'xxx' successfully deleted."

Mvh Sebastian

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