[Grok-dev] Modeling a class that extend from list() with megrok.rdb

Hector Blanco white.lists at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 16:47:40 EDT 2010

Oh, I see.

It seems it works a little bit like the selectors in JQuery, correct?
(which kind of "wrap" the element itself in JQuery objects).

Thanks for the hint. I still haven't reached that part. I am still
trying to migrate MyContainer thing... But I'll keep this in mind.

> You can have whatever class you like in python and keep the items in a list
> inside that data structure, but if they are stored in MySQL, you are getting
> them and putting them with sql.
> class WhateverContainer(rdb.Model):
>        .
>        .
>        .
>        def get_items(self, container_id):
>                return rdb.Session().query(self.items).filter(self.id ==
> container_id).first().items
> double check the results of first(), I can't remember if you get the object
> or a list with one object. In which case it's be:
>        ...).first()[0].items
> class MyClass(object)
>        def __init__(self):
>                self._list = WhateverContainer().get_items(<container_id>)
> or something to that effect.

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