[Grok-dev] confusing terms (Grok versus Grok Toolkit)

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 05:18:39 EDT 2010


Yesterday it was brought to my attention that the name "Grok Toolkit" 
might actually lead to confusion instead of clarity concerning the 
difference between "Grok, The Project" and "grok, the python package".

In a (perhaps misguided) attempt to clarify this difference I tried to 
"softly" introduce the idea of the "Grok Toolkit" as being the 
collection of packages that make up the complete stack for building and 
running Grok based web applications. One of the packages in this stack 
is the "grok" package.

The version of this grok package is not necessarily the same (it isn't 
now) as the version of Grok, The Project. The first is at version 1.2.1 
and the latter is at version 1.2 currently.

The importance of grok, the python package, is slowly reduced by 
splitting off more and more components into the (reusable) grokcore.* 
and other packages. As such, grok, the python package, is more of an 
import hub, and perhaps defines some policies.

If this distinction is sufficiently clear, then I guess the "Toolkit" 
part isn't really adding any value. And in the future we will have "Grok 
x.y" (The Project) releases and grok-w.z (the python packages releases).

kind regards, jw

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