[Grok-dev] hurry.resource addition

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Sep 8 12:13:33 EDT 2010


On 09/08/2010 03:51 PM, Matthias wrote:

> 1) I can see two ways to realize this:
>       a) Add id = None to ResourceInclusion.__init__ . Store it as an
> attribute which can be accessed.
>       b) Make it a little more generic and add extra_attributes = {} to
> ResourceInclusion.__init__. To add a custom id you'd call
>             ResourceInclusion( ... , extra_attributes = { 'id' : 'myId' } )
>       Both ways require the render_css and render_js methods to be changed,
> so they output the id/extra_attributes.

I think an extra optional keyword argument is the right way to go for 
this; there aren't that many attributes that are plausible on these things.

> 2) Is this wanted at all?

I have no objection to it.

> 3) If this is wanted, shall I create a patch and send it to this list for
> review?
> 4) My version of hurry.resource is 0.4.1 (seems to come from grok or
> dolmen?). Assuming a patch against the latest hurry.resource makes it
> through, can I use the new version of hurry.resource in parallel to the
> version installed by grok/dolmen? Or do I have to wait until there's a new
> grok/dolmen release which incorporates the latest hurry.resource with
> patch?

That's pretty old, we're at hurry.resource 0.10 now. There were some 
larger changes in the way hurry.resource is used though and I don't 
think they made it into all the version lists yet.

hurry.resource 0.10 is not entirely compatible with hurry.resource 
0.4.1, though upgrading isn't difficult.

I think hurry.resource 0.4.1 is locked down in the "grok ecosystem" 
list, though I'm not sure whether that's actually used by grok itself.


This combination of versions can be used to make Grok work with 
hurry.resource 0.10:

hurry.resource = 0.10
hurry.zoperesource = 0.6

but if you're using megrok.resource you might be out of luck - I don't 
think there's a compatible megrok.resource release yet.



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