[Grok-dev] buildout 1.5.x and virtualenv: grokproject improvements

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Mon Sep 13 05:06:45 EDT 2010


here is a short summary what i did the last days to bring
grokproject to  zc.buildout-1.5.1:

We have now a branch[1] which works with buildout 1.5.1. From
my perspective the buildout with isolation works. (Gary will prove it...)

These are the changes:

   - we use a branch for z3c.recipe.i18n (gary will release a new
     version of it). As soon we have this release i will include it
     in the grokproject branch. Problem is that this package needs
     some testing. If we have the relase we remove the the mr.developer
     dependency which is now in the branch.

   - i had to pin explicitly the following versions
      zc.buildout = 1.5.1
      zc.recipe.egg = 1.3.2
      zc.recipe.testrunner = 1.4.0
      setuptools = 0.6c12dev-r84273
      zope.interface = 3.6.1
      zope.testing = 3.10.0
      zope.exceptions = 3.6.1

   - I changed the buildout-recipe from z3c.recipe.dev to
     z3c.recipe.scripts. z3c.recipe.scripts supports
     the buildout isolation.

I also changed the test_paste doctest for grokproject to reflect
the changes. There is an error in the i18nstats script. I guess
this is a bug of z3c.recipe.i18n which has nothing todo with
the buildout-isolation. Maybe someone can have a look on the
test and on the package z3c.recipe.i18n.


[1] http://svn.zope.org/grokproject/branches/goschtl-buildout-isolation

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