[Grok-dev] Grok Community HOWTOs have been migrated! :)

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Apr 4 08:11:09 EDT 2011

Thanks everyone for your effort!

DONE Legal stuff
DONE Newbie Static Files in Page Design Howto
DONE Writing tests, discovering and running them with z3c.testsetup for dummies
DONE Generate URLs with the url() function in views
DONE Test the doc strings in the code of your application
DONE Creating forms with megrok.z3cform
DONE The lifecycle of a Grok application
DONE Use the same view in multiple models
DONE Understanding default values for object database backed attributes
DONE Set custom configurations on a system level that your application can use
DONE Create simple 1:2 relationship with Megrok.rdb and SqlAlchemy (over MySql)
DONE Access content in the static directory from python code
DONE Adding AJAX to Grok with KSS
DONE Authentication with Grok
DONE Automatic Form Generation
DONE Basic ORM with megrok.rdb and SQLAlchemy
DONE Graphical debugging of Grok with Komodo IDE
DONE Grok ORM with Storm
DONE Grok, Virtual Hosting and Nginx
DONE Handling file uploads with zope.app.file and zope.file
DONE How I Got Grok Talking To CAS
DONE How to internationalize your application
DONE How to pack your ZODB database
DONE Install Grok on MS Windows
DONE Install multiple Grok apps using zc.buildout
DONE Make use of add-ons via eggs
DONE Placing your Grok project under version control
DONE Plugging in new template languages
DONE Profiling Grok - or: what does my application do in the afternoon?
DONE Releasing software
DONE REST support in Grok
DONE Searching Objects
DONE Selecting the port and interface where Grok listens
DONE Traversing subpaths in views
DONE Understanding viewlets
DONE Use Apache HTTP server with Grok (on Debian Sid)
DONE Using a KSS plugin for Drag-and-Drop
DONE Using a relationfield to express relationships between objects
DONE Using sources in your forms
DONE Using Viewlets for Layout
DONE Using Virtualenv for a clean Grok installation
DONE Using z3c.form with Grok
DONE Writing tests, discovering and running them with grok.testing
DONE XML-RPC web services

SKIP Layer your Grok application
SKIP Combine grokproject with the SVN trunk version of Grok
SKIP Customising Fields in Grok AddForm and EditForm (marked as obsolete, superseeded by automatic form generation) /jhsware
SKIP How to automatically install and maintain your Grok application in to the ZODB (this is a stub)
SKIP How to get started with Dolmen (Souheil will rewrite/or other this when Dolmen is updated)
SKIP Debug Grok
SKIP Using KSS actions on a view

Mvh Sebastian

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