[Grok-dev] Using static resources from a sub-package?

Jan-Jaap Driessen jdriessen at thehealthagency.com
Thu Apr 7 02:55:58 EDT 2011

On 30 March 2011 21:08, Magga <elsku.magga at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys, are people generally not sub-packaging the src folder? It is
> handy in bigger projects.
> Cheers,
> Magga
> On Mar 17, 5:06 pm, Kevin Teague <ke... at bud.ca> wrote:
>> Using Grok 1.3 with the new fanstatic package, it doesn't seem like
>> the static directory can be accessed if the View is contained within a
>> sub-package of the main application package.
>> For example, given 'testproject' with this layout:
>> ./src/testproject/app.py
>> ./src/testproject/app_templates/index.pt
>> ./src/testproject/pages/thing.py
>> ./src/testproject/pages/thing_templates/thing.pt
>> Then the template in app_templates has no problem using something like
>> the example link to a static directory:
>> <img tal:attributes="src static/evencaveman.jpg"/>
>> Move this line into the thing.pt template in a sub-package though, and
>> the static variable for the View is being set to None. And things
>> break :(
>> So this seems like a bug to me ... unless sub-packages are not being
>> supported or something else? Anyone else noticed this?
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Hi Magga,

In our projects we put all browser views in the subdir `browser`, REST
views in the subdir `rest` and so on. Grok and fanstatic do not stand
in the way of sub-packaging your application.

The `static` syntax is useful for people getting started with grok,
consider using `context/++resource++$your_app_name` as described

Jan-Jaap Driessen

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