[Grok-dev] megrok.chameleon and (custom) template namespaces

Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Mon Apr 18 06:35:58 EDT 2011

On Mon, 18 Apr 2011 12:01:08 +0200
Jan-Wijbrand Kolman <janwijbrand at gmail.com> wrote:


> This is one of these things that is very surprising to me: I always 
> thought and assumed and apparently never double-checked, that
> templates are only reloaded when zope is running in "devmode on".
> This is indeed not the case: whenever `__debug__` is True, the
> template is reloaded.
> Do people actually run their serves with `python -O` (which would
> make `__debug__` False, but also would make assert statements to be
> skipped)?

  Honestly, I set CHAMELEON_DEBUG and CHAMELEON_SOURCE when I develop.
  It works, and is good enough I think.

  And as you can guess, I am totally against some Zope 3 specific
  things inside megrok.chameleon.



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