[Grok-dev] community documentation deployed on grok.zope.org

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 09:53:38 EST 2011

On 1/10/11 15:42 PM, Uli Fouquet wrote:
>> * Somehow the "generated on"-timestamp is missing from the index page.
>>     I think it should be there, but I do not know why it isn't.
> That's really mysterious. The layout at least should insert the
> `last_updated` value. I currently have no clue.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong here? Can someone reproduce not getting 
an updated timestamp?

>> * We might want to define a document template for the documentation,
>>     including the aforementioned target version, author information, etc.
> One could simply add markup like this on every page::
>    :Author: JW<jw at grokheaven.org>
>    :Version: This tutorial is tested for Grok versions 1.0-1.2
> I guess this is easier to handle and maintain than complicated template
> magic.

Oh, sure, that's what I meant: a template that people can copy to start 
a new document with.

>> * There's a navigation menu at the top in the form of several tabs. The
>>     links in there are not correct, but I actually wonder whether we
>>     should keep the links there in the first place.
> IMO all links except the last two ones ("What's changed" and "Grok
> Community Documentation") should stay. One can discuss, however, whether
> the tutorial and developer notes should be shipped with the reference
> rather than with the the community docs.

I think these navigational links do belong in the 
official-documentation-tree, that indeed contain the tutorial etc. 
Actually, now I notice the little title above the tab bar says "Official 
Grok Documentation", where I guess it should say "Grok Community 
Documentation", right?

>> * I removed the latex and PDF rendering parts from the build script.
>>     They didn't seem to work at this moment. At least not on the
>>     grok.zope.org host.
> Can you tell what went wrong? Most people with a more recent LaTeX
> install should be able to build PDFs. At least it works here.

Hmmm, for the grok-doc checkout, the build script tries to call "make 
all_pdf", a target that seems not to be defined in the Makefile. Again, 
I might be doing something wrong here.

regards, jw

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