[Grok-dev] official documentation deployed on grok.zope.org

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 10:04:17 EST 2011


Also the "official" documentation is now being deployed "new style" on 
grok.zope.org. This means, we've updated the scripts that build the 
documentation and put the build in a cronjob. The temporary URL is:


Some remarks:

* There still a need for a "meta" script that builds the documentation
   for particular Grok releases. We can of course keeping the builds for
   the earlier versions, and use this "meta" script for versions
   starting from the next grok release.

* There's quite some work to be done on the split of the documentation
   from the grok *package* to the groktoolkit. The idea being that the
   grok *package*, and also the grokcore.* packages, document their
   respective APIs, and the groktoolkit will contain higher-level
   documentation like tutorials, how-to's etc.

   It is still being investigated how the documentation from these
   various source then can be aggregated into one documentation tree.

* Note that the build cronjobs (both for the community tree as well as
   for the official documentation) are run from my user account on the
   grok.zope.org host.

regards, jw

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