[Grok-dev] search broken in community docs and official docs

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 11:18:06 EST 2011


The search function is broken in the "community" and "official" 
documentation trees.

I think this is because both override the "layout.html", that sphinx 
otherwise would have generated. This layout.html references several 
javascript- and other resources, that are different or no longer 
available in the builds by the current Sphinx version.


* Do we really really want a layout for the documentation builds to be 
so different from a normal sphinx build, to require a layout.html 
override (that then needs careful maintenance)? Or should we lower the 
ambitions a little here?

* Who created these layouts, and might be able to help me getting things 
straightened out again?

regards, jw

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