[Grok-dev] search broken in community docs and official docs

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Jan 11 03:07:16 EST 2011


Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> Hi,
> The search function is broken in the "community" and "official" 
> documentation trees.
> I think this is because both override the "layout.html", that sphinx 
> otherwise would have generated. This layout.html references several 
> javascript- and other resources, that are different or no longer 
> available in the builds by the current Sphinx version.

That's right.

> Questions:
> * Do we really really want a layout for the documentation builds to be 
> so different from a normal sphinx build, to require a layout.html 
> override (that then needs careful maintenance)? Or should we lower the 
> ambitions a little here?

The layout.html doesn't has to be that large. I like the special 'Grok
layout', so I'd like to keep it. I could, however, imagine two changes:

- The official grok docs and the community docs now have exactly the
  same layout. That might be confusing. Maybe one could could give one
  of the layouts a darker or brighter touch so that you can see from
  the colors immediately whether you're watching community docs or the

- We could build a 'Grok theme' for Sphinx.

> * Who created these layouts, and might be able to help me getting things 
> straightened out again?

I guess I am to blame for the layout.html. However, that files were
created a few years ago when Sphinx was in the very beginnings and
'inheriting templates' was not possible that easily.

Anyway, I modified the layout.htmls for both, the community docs and the
reference docs. Both are now shorter and hopefully better to understand
and maintain. Also searching should work again now.

Best regards,


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