[Grok-dev] search broken in community docs and official docs

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 04:10:04 EST 2011

On 1/11/11 9:07 AM, Uli Fouquet wrote:
>> * Do we really really want a layout for the documentation builds to be
>> so different from a normal sphinx build, to require a layout.html
>> override (that then needs careful maintenance)? Or should we lower the
>> ambitions a little here?
> The layout.html doesn't has to be that large. I like the special 'Grok
> layout', so I'd like to keep it. I could, however, imagine two changes:
> - The official grok docs and the community docs now have exactly the
>    same layout. That might be confusing. Maybe one could could give one
>    of the layouts a darker or brighter touch so that you can see from
>    the colors immediately whether you're watching community docs or the
>    reference.

Sounds like a good plan, to have slightly different coloring or 
something for the community docs versus the official docs.

> - We could build a 'Grok theme' for Sphinx.

I'm not (yet) well versed in Sphinx: what would a Grok Theme brings us?

> Anyway, I modified the layout.htmls for both, the community docs and the
> reference docs. Both are now shorter and hopefully better to understand
> and maintain. Also searching should work again now.

Great! They should be online now... well there aren't... but that's 
because I made a mistake in the cronjobs: the PATH setting was not 
correct. I'll fix that. Thanks!

regards, jw

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