[Grok-dev] dolmenproject released

Vincent Fretin vincent.fretin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 07:43:49 EST 2011


I released dolmenproject 1.0a2 based on grokproject 2.3.
Please test it and give feedback.
I updated the tutorial at:

In the dolmen repository
git clone http://devel.dolmen-project.org/dolmen.git

I added a bin/test-dolmen script to test all dolmen and some menhir
packages, there are currently failures in the following packages:

6 failure(s).
- test-dolmen-dolmen.app.breadcrumbs
- test-dolmen-menhir.contenttype.image
- test-dolmen-dolmen.widget.tinymce
- test-dolmen-dolmen.forms.crud
- test-dolmen-menhir.contenttype.folder
- test-dolmen-menhir.contenttype.document

Packages that need a release are listed in sources.cfg in this buildout.

The tests should be fixed and packages released to release a Dolmen 1.0 KGS.


Vincent Fretin
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