[Grok-dev] Execute function when server is shut down

Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Thu Jan 13 04:18:47 EST 2011

On Wed, 12 Jan 2011 12:30:39 -0500
Hector Blanco <white.lists at gmail.com> wrote:


> Yeah... I should've thought about that before sending the mail...
> Since the __init__ is only called when I create a new instance of my
> server, I should have realized that, in the best case the __del__
> method would be called when an instance of the server is removed in
> the server control page.
> Surprisingly (well... surprisingly for a newbie that doesn't have much
> idea about how all that works) that doesn't happen... The __del__
> method is not called when I remove an application.

  I don't thing we lower being should play with __del__ method: defining
  it disable the circular reference detection in the Python garbage
  collector, making easy to create memory leaks (if I remember
  correctly). So if you define it, you have to pay attention to what
  refer your object, because if you have a cycle, it might never be

  After if your wish is to call some code at shutdown time, and you pay
  attention to the reference, you have the problem that when your
  __del__ method will be called at shutdown time: half of the Python
  modules will be already unloaded (i.e. their memory freed), so except
  some basic Python code, you cannot do a lot.

> Well... maybe a workaround might be catching the signal send by the
> operative system... (just saying... I don't know if that makes much
> sense)
  You don't have such things on Windows.

  atexit is the safest solution, but the Zope database will be already
  closed, you will have to reopen it, if you need it.



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