[Grok-dev] towards a Grok release: current state of affairs

Jan-Jaap Driessen jdriessen at thehealthagency.com
Fri Jan 14 07:56:19 EST 2011

On 7 January 2011 16:56, Jan-Jaap Driessen
<jdriessen at thehealthagency.com> wrote:
> On 6 January 2011 17:52, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman <janwijbrand at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 1/6/11 17:01 PM, Jan-Jaap Driessen wrote:
>>>> I'm in favor of 2), to preserve the compatibility. I think in the case
>>>> that someone really wants to extract a reusable library, they can go
>>>> all-Fanstatic themselves. It's also Grok's job to automate registration
>>>> tasks, and I think this includes Fanstatic registration tasks. I think
>>>> it's okay for grokcore.view to rely on Fanstatic. Can we drop the
>>>> dependency on zope.browserresource when we do that?
>>>> From a grok perspective it makes sense to 'grok' the registration.
>>> I'll work on the grokker.
>> Cool.
>> regards, jw
> Or not so cool :(
> I created a branch based on grokcore.view 2.2, in which I replaced the
> DirectoryResource by a ZopeFanstaticResource in the
> StaticResourcesGrokker:
> http://zope3.pov.lt/trac/changeset/119442
> Note that the fanstatic.Library is created on the fly based on a name
> and a resource path.
> I then made the necessary changes to grokproject: removing the
> fanstatic.libraries entry_point and the Library() in resource.py. (I
> didn't check in these changes.)
> When resources are referenced from ZPT through the static attribute of
> the view, all is jolly good. However, when I want define
> fanstatic.Resource instances in order to 'need()' them in a view, I
> don't have a reference to the Library object:
> http://zope3.pov.lt/trac/browser/grokproject/trunk/grokproject/template/src/%2Bpackage%2B/resource.py_tmpl
> (I could access the 'static' Library instance by going through
> fanstatic.get_library_registry[moduleinfo.package_dottedname], but
> this seems like an unstable hack.)
> I am inclined to reverse the static grokker code and return to
> grokcore.view 2.3. Input from a fresh set of eyes and mind would be
> much appreciated at this moment.
> Cheers,
> --
> Jan-Jaap Driessen

In preparation of the grok meeting next week, here's what's on my plate:

1. The 1.0 release of fanstatic is imminent. I would appreciate your
feedback. Fanstatic has been integrated into grokproject on a branch:


2. Grokproject has some changes:

 * uses (zope.)fanstatic, has examples of how to use fanstatic.

 * replaced the 'static' directory resource with one served by fanstatic.

 * replaced z3c.testsetup with manual registration of tests. I moved
the tests to the 'tests' subdirectory. In the future we may replace
the zope.testrunner with zope.pytest.

 * grokproject needs releases of grok, grokui.admin and the
groktoolkit. After these dependencies have been released, I will
polish the tests, merge and release.

 * needs a review of the changes.txt - are these instructions
sufficient to upgrade your project?

3. grokui.admin waits for a grok release

4. groktoolkit waits for a grok release

5. grok needs a release.

See you all on monday.

Jan-Jaap Driessen

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