[Grok-dev] Grok meeting 2 - summary

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 17:58:30 EST 2011

Sorry for the very late processing of the meeting...  i'll post the
rest tomorrow !

2nd Grok Meeting of the 15th of December


* The long standing template-branch grokcore.view branch has been
merged. It needs to see a release. This will trigger releases of
grokcore.viewlet, grokui.base and grok.layout. I think I can do these
when we agree.

* What is the status for the  packages?

* Shall we move the fanstatic integration to the grokproject trunk?

* We could release Grok 1.3 and what should it include/wait for? Perhaps
we could do a 1.4 quickly after?


* the grokcore.view branch has been merged

* the package is safe for release.

* It has been tested in Silva and Grok 1.2 and it works

* There are still template inheriting issue on which J-W and Sylvain
want to work

grokcore.xmlrpc & grokcore.rest

* Christian has created 3 packages : grokcore.traverser,
grokcore.xmlrpc and grokcore.rest

* grokcore.traverser holds all the traversing hacks, needed for the
publishing of the different views

* These changes won't be applied in Five as it makes little sense
there (different publishing process)

* There are still some tests failing that need to be fixed

* This split could be included in 1.3, according to Christian progress
on the packages states.

fanstatic integration

* Fanstatic integration is almost finished

* A new release is needed, in order to be fully integrated in the new Grok

* Some doc is needed, especially concerning the upgrades.

* More libraries need to be released in order to get Fanstatic ready
for the existing apps.


* The current grok documentation is scattered and needs to be merged

* The community doc will be merged with the technical documentation

* The sphinx based documentation will remain in BitBucket

* The current documentaation needs to be _published_ online !

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