[Grok-dev] megrok.layout --> grokcore.layout and megrok.chameleon --> grokcore.chameleon

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 07:19:59 EDT 2011


A while ago I suggested to "promote" megrok.layout and megrok.chameleon
into the grokcore.* namespace and make them "First Class Cavemen".

This week Jan-Jaap, Sylvain and me worked on this rename, which was
essentially mechanical work - even though Jan-Jaap was able to clean-up
megrok^H^H^H^H^Hgrokcore.chameleon even further, freeing it from
zope.app. cruft that was left behind.

As a result we do now have grokcore.layout and grokcore.chameleon. The
grok package depends on these two now and exposes the components of
grokcore.layout (and at the same mixes in application_url() and flash()
methods) for Layout, Page, FormPage, AddFormPage, EditFormPage,
DisplayFormPage. There's also ExceptionPage, NotFoundPage and

Even though grokcore.chameleon does not have "exposable" components per
se, the grok package includes the configure.zcml of grokcore.chameleon
which means, templates with a *.cpt filename extension will be processed
by the Chameleon template engine.

Yesterday we added grokcore.layout and grokcore.chameleon to the Grok
Toolkit. We had to update grokui.base and grokui.admin a bit as they
used to use megrok.layout - and obviously they now use the components
exposed by grok.

The grok, grokcore.layout, grokcore.chameleon and grokui.* packages all
have been released and can be used in your projects. I think it is time
for another Grok (you know, the toolkit thingy) release too, but I do
not have the time Right Now.

And how do we signal the "deprecated-ness" of megrok.layout and
megrok.chameleon? Best idea I could come up with, is to add a big fat
warning in the readmes and or changelogs for these packages and update
the pypi pages with these warnings.

regards, jw

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