[Grok-dev] Get grok site "outside" the server (in an external script)

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Tue Jul 26 19:20:05 EDT 2011

To make it easier to manage the set of paths you need Python to be able to
search, you can add an entry_point to your setup.py and buildout will
generate a wrapper file which you can call your script from with all of the
same paths as your Grok application. An example from one of my apps for
creating a script called 'slurp':

    entry_points = """
    haystack-debug = grokcore.startup:interactive_debug_prompt
    haystack-ctl = grokcore.startup:zdaemon_controller
    slurp = gsc.searchindexer.slurp:main

    main = grokcore.startup:application_factory
    debug = grokcore.startup:debug_application_factory
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