[Grok-dev] Form data validation

Lumir Jasiok lumir.jasiok at vsb.cz
Tue Mar 8 10:37:42 EST 2011


I am trying to figure out how to validate form data against ZODB's data. 
I have Employees model, data saved into the ZODB.
Inside IEmployee interface is field uid. I need to be sure, that uid is 
unique, so I add "constraint=unique_uid" parameter.

How can I from function unique_uid check if Employee's uid is unique or 
not? Or there is another, better way to doit?

class IEmployee(interface.Interface):
     first_name = schema.TextLine(title=u'First name', required=True)
     last_name = schema.TextLine(title=u'Last name', required=True)
     uid = schema.TextLine(title=u'Personal Number', required=True, 

def unique_uid(uid):

Thanks for help


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