[Grok-dev] Cromlech

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 18:20:01 EST 2011

Hello Grokkers,

In the continuity of the work done in Grok so far and after the
discussion I had with j-w and martijn about it, I decide to just start
working :
I started a project called "cromlech" that is dedicated in dumping the
zope.app.publication publisher and the remaining zope.app packages.
I've been successful so far in creating and running an application
that is created directly as a root folder of the zodb and without any
zope.app packages.
I currently use a webob request adapted to and IBrowserRequest object,
to be able to use all the Grok stack.
I also dumped the authentication process from the publisher, as it
does not belong there.
utimately, the bootstrapping process now allows you to have your very
own pluggable kind of application as root of your zodb.
We can now slowly try to change the remaining publishing bits to use Dawnlight.
This has been a good exercise, showing that adapting the existing code
is doable and a new publisher is within our grasp.
the 4 first cromlech packages are in the dolmen repository. I created
a project with all the necessary glue
If you people are interested, we can investigate all that together.


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