[Grok-dev] IMPORTANT! Migrating docs, this is your assignment

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Mar 28 05:16:06 EDT 2011

I was given the task of assigning docs to migrate from the current site to Sphinx.

"faassen:jhsware: could you mail the mailing list, assigning 2 docs to us each here at the meeting randomly?"

This is the list, and I used nics I found in the IRC-chat log and on the planner used to set the date. Not sure if someone is a duplicate. In which case you might have four docs to migrate. I hope you will survive :)


Short howtos take aprox. five minutes and a tutorial ten or fifteen minutes to migrate (once you're up to speed).

Uli has simplified the process of getting started.

1 Install Sphinx


2 Check-out grok-doc

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/jhsware/grok-doc/

3 Bootstrap and buildout

 cd ./grok-doc
 python bootstrap.py


Souheil    Debug Grok
goschtl    How to automatically install and maintain your Grok application in to the ZODB
janwijbrand    Using a relationfield to express relationships between objects
janjaapdriessen    Creating forms with megrok.z3cform
pasdavoine    Set custom configurations on a system level that your application can use
nitogenycs    Legal stuff
pasdavoine    Use the same view in multiple models
Souheil    How to get started with Dolmen
sylvain    Generate URLs with the url() function in views
ulif    Test the doc strings in the code of your application	2.7 kB	May 01, 2008 12:20 PM	In progress	::
prinzdezibel    Combine grokproject with the SVN trunk version of Grok
faassen The lifecycle of a Grok application
prinzdezibel    Create simple 1:2 relationship with Megrok.rdb and SqlAlchemy (over MySql)
gwik    Customising Fields in Grok AddForm and EditForm
sylvain    Using KSS actions on a view
nitogenycs    Newbie Static Files in Page Design Howto
goschtl    Writing tests, discovering and running them with z3c.testsetup for dummies
sylvain    Understanding default values for object database backed attributes


janwijbrand    Macros with Grok

janjaapdriessen    Introduction to zc.buildout

prinzdezibel    Working with Forms in Grok

gwik    Making a website that uses layers to enable a mobile enabled version of the site

ulif    A Grok-Centric Explanation of Adaptation

Mvh Sebastian

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