[Grok-dev] grok and templates

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Mon Mar 28 15:48:01 EDT 2011

Hi Souheil,

after looking in grokcore.view trunk again, I think this is a very good 
idea. In my opinion this fits very well in our "grok splitting story" 
with the difference that we split now a single grokcore package.

I can imagine that both packages will be very slim and compact after the 

Souheil let me now if there are some taks where you need support,
i try to help where i can :).

Greetings Christian

> Hello
> Having a look at the grokcore.view in depth, I think we could improve the stack.
> In my opinion, grokcore.view should not be the home package of the
> templates and their grokker.
> We already splitted out the template grokker, now, I think we should
> externalize the template grokking and definition in another package.
> Why ? Well, right now, the template package depends on many things,
> like zope.pagetemplate, that itself depends on zope.publisher.
> On another hand, we have megrok.chameleon, that, in the mind of many
> people, should be the default, now.
> I would like your opinion about this stack, as  ithink we could severe
> some ties with zope and get closer to chameleon
> Also, we could also provide a grokcore.template which could simply
> provide a way to declare template-aware components, whatever they are
> - Souheil

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