[Grok-dev] When are we planning to change grok.zope.org to the sphinx site?

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Tue May 24 07:18:56 EDT 2011


On 5/24/11 12:13 , Jan-Jaap Driessen wrote:
> On 24 May 2011 11:00, Sebastian Ware<sebastian at urbantalk.se>  wrote:
>> I think we are pretty much set. All howtos have been migrated and most of the tutorials too, the remaining tutorials aren't show stoppers IMHO. I don't know about other Plone features and I don't know what is required to perform the actual migration.
>> Mvh Sebastian
>> 24 maj 2011 kl. 10.09 skrev Martijn Faassen:
> Shall we deploy on readthedocs.org? My experiences with
> www.fanstatic.org are very good.

Exactly what are we talking about? The way i see it: moving the 
__documentation__ ("official" and "community") to something like 
readthedocs seems useful to me.

However, if we're talking about the grok.zope.org __website__ I'm not so 
sure. I think a website for something like Grok (and actually also for 
something like fanstatic) is more than "just" the project's 
documentation. It is (or I hope it will be at some point) also the place 
to look for aggregated (news)feeds, something like buildbot statuses, 

And this brings me back to Sebastian's original question: when do we 
move the grok.zope.org website over to a Sphinx-based setup.

I'm not sure. It requires quite a bit of work. Looking at how much we 
had to push people just to convert the plone-based docs to the 
sphinx-based equivalent, i feel a bit pessimistic.

Anyway, things I'd like to see brought back in a sphinx-based website 
(in no particular order, and not necessarily available at re-launch 
time, but hopefully not too long after that):

* news items
* releases information
* (news)feed aggregation
* buildbot-status overviews
* "marketing-speak" pages
* some way for integrating the API-level documentation of the grokcore.* 
packages for a particular Grok Toolkit release

BTW, the grok.zope.org server instance itself is becoming a bit long in 
the tooth by now. It OS needs an update badly and the machine is not 
very fast.

Sorry if I sound grumpy in this mail, but somehow I just *know* we have 
a lot of documentation, we "just" need a way to make this much more 
visible and attractive.

Actually, Sebastian, thanks for bringing this up. We should move things 
forward again! Let's see if i can dedicate a bit of time to this.

regards, jw

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