[Grok-dev] Can't access grok on my server :-(

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Sat Nov 19 16:49:01 UTC 2011


i think the ip address is binded on (localhost).
You can change this in buildout.cfg from:

host =


host =

rerun buildout and it should work.


> I have successfully installed grok 1.4 on my Debian Lenny 10 vserver, that I
> am administrating via ispCP. I created a new grok project "project at
> "/var/www/project/myproject/"
> I have opened Port 8080 for Zope, and the the grok instance is booting up at
> port 8080 without any problems.
> BUT:
> I can't access the grok interface via http://myserver.com:8080 from my
> browser (Page does not exist) :-(
> Is there any modification I have to do on the Apache2 server to access grok
> via browser? (Think it is empy by default) Any special changes on the
> deploy.ini needed? Anyone good a example of his configuration I can start up
> with?
> Thanks for you Help

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