[Grok-dev] Can't access grok on my server :-(

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Sat Nov 19 16:51:47 UTC 2011

Hi there,

Am Samstag, den 19.11.2011, 08:16 -0800 schrieb Marcel Klapschus:

> I have successfully installed grok 1.4 on my Debian Lenny 10 vserver, that I
> am administrating via ispCP. I created a new grok project "project at
> "/var/www/project/myproject/"
> I have opened Port 8080 for Zope, and the the grok instance is booting up at
> port 8080 without any problems.
> BUT:
> I can't access the grok interface via http://myserver.com:8080 from my
> browser (Page does not exist) :-(
> Is there any modification I have to do on the Apache2 server to access grok
> via browser? (Think it is empy by default) Any special changes on the
> deploy.ini needed? Anyone good a example of his configuration I can start up
> with?

You don't have to route Grok through apache. If you want Apache to
listen on port 8080 you certainly need some additional setup.

But is your grok instance running at or at

If it is you won't be able to access the instance from
remote. You then have to edit etc/debug.ini.in and/or etc/deploy.ini.in.
In these config files set 'host' to, rerun bin/buildout and

Please note, that this will open your grok instance to everybody on
the net. You might want to change the manager password before.

Best regards,


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