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Danilo G B danilogbotelho at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 12:17:35 UTC 2011

+1 for a new Grok release with grokcore.layout and grokcore.viewlet = 1.9


Danilo G. Botelho

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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 12:15:07 +0100
From: Sylvain Viollon <sylvain at infrae.com>
Subject: [Grok-dev] New Grok release
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   I am working on a real Grok project (not a Zope 2 thing), I was looking that at latest release of Grok that is 1.4.1.

   Would not it be great to have a new Grok release with a more recent version of fanstatic (so you can use more js packages), and with like grokcore.layout, and the other thing we did last time ?

   Maybe we can do that in a mini sprint an afternoon J-W ?



Sylvain Viollon -- Infrae
t +31 10 243 7051 -- http://infrae.com
Hoevestraat 10 3033GC Rotterdam -- The Netherlands


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