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paul paul at aptrackers.com
Mon Sep 19 08:11:14 EST 2011

Hi, Jan,

I think Noe's answer "sorta" helped.  The problem with doing it through 
resource.need(), is that for a favicon.ico, the link header should be 
something like:

	<link  rel="SHORTCUT ICON"type="image/x-icon"href="path to .ico file" />

If you just use resource.need(), you get the href bit right, but the 
"rel=" and "type=" parts are not right.  I eventually settled for doing:

	<link  rel="SHORTCUT ICON"type="image/x-icon"href="@@/fanstatic/appname/favico.ico" />

Which seems to work ok.

Its not a patch though on the fun I had trying to share page template 
macros between modules.  Each module expects it's page templates to 
reside in a modulename_templates directory.  I never could figure out 
how to make different modules use the same template macro file.  Ended 
up copying the lot.

I must say that I found the inclusion of fanstatic in the last Grok 
release a bit confusing at first.  No doubt there are benefits to the 
fanstatic approach, but there's a bit more to remember and to configure 
for projects.  Also, the extent of work I had to do to port my project 
from the previous Grok release seemed a bit extreme.

If all that sounds like complaining, it's not really.   I _love_ Grok!

Thanks for asking,

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