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Alexandre Garel alex.garel at tarentis.com
Wed Sep 21 02:11:22 EST 2011

Le 19/09/2011 15:11, paul a écrit :
> Hi, Jan,
> I think Noe's answer "sorta" helped.  The problem with doing it 
> through resource.need(), is that for a favicon.ico, the link header 
> should be something like:
> <link  rel="SHORTCUT ICON"type="image/x-icon"href="path to .ico file" />
> If you just use resource.need(), you get the href bit right, but the 
> "rel=" and "type=" parts are not right.  I eventually settled for doing:
> <link  rel="SHORTCUT 
> ICON"type="image/x-icon"href="@@/fanstatic/appname/favico.ico" />
> Which seems to work ok. 

Here, using fanstatic 0.11.2, the ".ico" of the ressource make it 
recognized as a favicon and fanstatic automatically represent it with :

<link  rel="shortcut icon"type="image/x-icon"href="xxxxx  <view-source:http://localhost:8081/fanstatic/vigirisk_library/:version:2011-09-12T11:00:54.09/favicon.ico>"/>

It's done by function render_ico in core.py registere for '.ico'



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